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Our goal

The goal of our project is to design and introduce a new material source that can be found abundantly on Lesvos island. Known across the globe for its mountainous olive groves, olive oil production is the main industry of the island. What is left behind, the pit and the core of the olive, will gain value and be transformed into an eco-material.



Megalochori is a mountainous village in the southern part of Lesvos well known worldwide for its natural savage beauty. Megalochori is surrounded by lushes green pine tree forests, one of which is located on Koukos mountain. We have been inspired and named our lab by this precise mountain area, known for its dense flora and fauna as well as its excellent microclimate, that forms a unique ecosystem.  

Meet the team

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Irene Moutsogiannis

Christos Ververis

Marketing Consultant

Interior and Product Designer