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Lesvos bench
Koukos de Lab
Koukos de Lab

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Koukos de Lab is a creative design studio working in a holistic approach. We offer Interior Design and furniture solutions as well as branding concept ideas. We work close to your needs in order to make your dream project come to life. 


Lesvos Bench

Table top

Lesvos Bench

Lesvos Bench is a revival of a traditional bench encountered in remote picturesque churches and old traditional coffee shops. A simple piece of furniture, a part of everyday life in the island, so simple yet so essential.  This new revived bench is designed with elements inspired from the past, enhanced with new features carrying the trend of the new era in design.

Koukos de lab table top

Our new product is a round table top made from our “koukoutsi” material. The final result is silky smooth, mat or shiny gloss with visible blonde pip.  Inspired by our natural island habitat. Perfect for all spaces. 


olive koukos de lab
Our raw materials

Olive's Blonde Pip

Olive's Dark Core

#koukoutsi eco-material

Koukoutsi eco-material gives value to what could be called "bio-waste" of the oil production process, extending the life cycle of the olive's pip and incorporating the "moto" of sustainability which is nothing more than "zero waste".

Koukoutsi eco-material

3Ds MAX Files 

Material Data Sheet

"Finding inspiration in the humble bounty of raw, sunbaked landscapes.."

Lesvos, North Aegean

Lesvos island has 11 million olive trees, fact that makes it the biggest olive grove in the world.

In fact, with over eleven million trees and a population of about 90k people, Lesvos has by far the largest number of olive trees per capita in the world.

Many of the trees are hundreds of years old, as indicated by their thick and gnarled trunks. Olive tree cultivation and olive oil production are therefore one of the most important economic activities in Lesvos.

Lesvos bench
Koukoutsi eco-material
Koukos de Lab

Koukoutsi eco-material is a proud member of 

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