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Koukoutsi eco-material


Koukos de Lab


Lesvos, GR




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Olive's Blonde Pip

Olive's Dark Core

Our novel idea for a new material deriving for the final waste of the olive – a product massively found in the Mediterranean where we are also located- is actually our vision of an evolving world that seeks rethinking for the living environments and the material we use in them.It is not only crucial to reduce environmental impact but to develop a whole new vision for what we call natural mirroring, a concept that brings elements of natural eco waste in our homes through a whole innovative design approach, holistic and experiential.


Uses- furniture, tiles, walling solutions, home interior products

Pros- eco-material

About- founders Christos Ververis designer and Irene Moutsoyiannis marketeer are tackling the issue of using eco waste to make something valuable out of it. The answer is to turn the olive core into a durable material that can be used in furniture and objects. This raw olive end material is used for heating purposes but it could gain more value and turn into a new eco multi-purpose material.

As a starting point to apply our new eco-material will be a traditional bench that used to be found everywhere on the island but is now missing. We shall revive it with contemporary design elements and eventually make it with the new eco-material, the olive pit.


Our material has a story to tell, it reflects our thoughts, our origin, our roots, and our aspiration for a better future.
Christos Ververis and Irene Moutsoyiannis, two individuals from different academic backgrounds sharing the same origin from a mountainous village in Lesvos Island yet with so different work paths succeeded in sharing a vision, through design and the need to take it to the next step.

They took a lip of faith, they orientated in the current situation, they flied away with their vision of an evolving design world, and finally they eco nestled with the “koukoutsi eco-material” that combines the story of their land and the need of the global community for a holistic design approach.

In the era when everything is under doubt and re-evaluation a message of certainty is transmitted from a remote dot of the Greek map to the entire world, extremely remote yet so powerful.

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