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Megalochori is a mountainous village in the southern part of Lesvos well known worldwide for its natural savage beauty. Megalochori is surrounded by lushes green pine tree forests, one of which is located on Koukos mountain. We have been inspired and named our lab by this precise mountain area, known for its dense flora and fauna as well as its excellent microclimate, that forms a unique ecosystem.  




Christos Ververis

Interior and Product Designer

Christos is one of the founding partners at Koukos de Lab with experience as an Interior architect, Product and Furniture Designer. Trained at both The University of West Attica and Birmingham City University, Christos mixes design and sustainable thinking with the conceptual thoughts and visions that bring creative projects to life. 

During his undergraduate and postgraduate studies, he participated in Design competitions such as the International NEU NOW Amsterdam Festival 2015 Competition and London Design Biennale. His working experience was also as a teaching assistant at the University of Birmingham and an Academic Scholar at the University of West Attica.

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Irene Moutsogiannis

Marketing Consultant

Irene is the managing director and co-founder works to ensure that projects are developed and delivered at their full potential. With a background in economics, marketing, and Young Entrepreneurship. Irene's work with corporations has instilled in her a deep intuition for the nature of building client relationships and collaborations. At Koukos de Lab, she leverages her experience and her high aesthetics to create tailor-made client experiences and project management processes.

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