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What is koukoutsi eco material?
Koukoutsi eco-material gives value to what could be called "bio-waste" of the oil production process, extending the life cycle of the olive's pip and incorporating the "moto" of sustainability which is nothing more than "zero waste".


Durable: Koukoutsi eco-material can provide the main material to craft extra durable surfaces that can last through seasons
Extra hard: This natural component is tested under weights and proven to be extra hard
Water-resistant: Its final matt or glossy result is the most suitable choice for table surfaces and other applications that need to be waterproof
Thickness: From 8mm to 200mm
Cuttable: Despite its durability, Koukoutsi eco-material surfaces can be cut and modified, depending on what’s required
Glueable: Easy in assemblage and modification, Koukoutsi eco-material is a versatile solution for a plethora of spaces
Applications: Suitable for both indoors and outdoors (under cover)
Dark/Light Color: Resembling an earthly terrazzo, Koukoutsi eco-material comes in two shades: a darker shade that derives from the olive’s core and a lighter one that derives from the olive’s pip
Sustainable: Koukoutsi eco-material is ultimately a manufacturing material that comes from the bio-waste of olive oil production. Its manufacture is also conducted under sustainable methods, respecting the environment, and bringing nature into our homes.

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